Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Smash The Media

Technology itself is not the saviour that man seeks it is the human mind which has created this technology, and it is the human mind which should continue to develop and use technology for mankinds benefit. All dependancy on technology is a falacy, a trojan horse in the development of our minds. Our continual relience on technology to do more and more things for us will be our downfall. We should use technology as the tool it is not the answer to our problems.

smash the media pen and ink 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Illustrations on urban living

Illustrations on the nature of urban living.

medium pen and ink on paper

Urbanism in search of the line

Here are a couple of sketches from the series leading up to the
your city your say exhibition.

Exhibition at the art exchange nottingham

Exhibition photos from the
" your city your say exhibition" at the
art exchange nottingham in association
with hawkins brown architechs and the new
art exchange nottingham.

The work was created as a gallery installation
made from and pen ink card and wire as my
interpretation of the area of highson green.

Sketchbook section

Selected images from the last couple of years worth of
sketchbooks. Warning some of this stuff is just plain weird.

Sketch of part of hyson green Nottingham.

phreaks what can I say i see them everyday.

skecth of "Maynard and Bradley antique bookshop
where i used to work now gone it was an amazing place.

urbanism and the ways in which people ove around there urban
environment are of major interest to me.

Orange Commissions mark 2

This is one of a series of illustrations selected by orange mobile
phones in the second round of there orange image bank
competitionthe title theme this time was is technology.


Since moving to thingland studios I have been embarking on a new
based around technology and the useless nature of our ever
dependancy on it, as an answer to all our problems.
I have been interested
in television as a metaphore for technology and its useless nature.

Thingland studios

I have just moved into a new studio space here is are some
pictures of the wall mural I just painted black acrylic one brush.

The imagery here is a giant illustration taken out of the context of
the printed image it becomes useless, just like the technology
portrayed in the mural it becomes a throw away media.

Orange Commissions

I have just been commissioned by orange as part of the orange image bank 2006
the brief for the first round was to create optimistic images about the word

heres the images they took.